WordCamps, Meetups and other conferences

Since I started to earn a decent portion of money using WordPress, I’ve started to give back to the community with talks in WordCamps and local meetups.

WordCamp Brno 2018

Workshop about wp-cli + bash scripting

WordCamp Porto Alegre 2018

Again at WordCamp Porto Alegre, to bring wp-cli to the line up.

FLISoL 2018

A Free Software conference, where I gave a talk about Python.


ENIT 2017

A local conference, where I spoke about Python


WordCamp Europe 2016

The biggest WordCamp in Europe, where I presented a talk about wp-cli.


WordCamp PoA 2015

WordCamp Porto Alegre, which was back in 2015, being my first talk in WordCamps ever. A talk about wp-cli.

Here you can find the slides.